Masonry Contractor: Most Common Causes of Masonry Damage

Most Common Causes of Masonry Damage

Not all masonry materials are without flaws. Serious masonry problems are indeed extremely uncommon. Nonetheless, a few regular problems led to masonry deterioration on Long Island. A masonry contractor outlined some of the most common reasons for masonry issues in this post.

Moisture Intrusion

As we all know, water is one of the biggest hazards to any structure. Excessive moisture and humidity are typically a homeowner’s worst fear regarding wood and sheetrock. In essence, dampness causes havoc to houses made of any material. The outstanding robustness of masonry buildings is just one of its many advantages. Yet, moisture ingress is one of the most severe reasons for damage to stone and brickwork. Masonry buildings that are exposed to the weather occasionally absorb water. Their structural integrity is severely compromised as a result. Water that seeps into masonry and stone typically freezes before melting. As a result, the structure is constantly under much pressure. Homeowners frequently look for expert moisture control services to repair this damage.


Cracking is, without a doubt, one of the most prevalent difficulties with masonry. Cracking is typically not an issue for homeowners for many years after construction. But occasionally, it might happen in more recent structures that were improperly put together. In addition, a building’s settling can cause cracks. Moreover, a lot of moisture ingress might cause cracking. The joints will also frequently crack if the mortar is improperly prepared during construction. Finally, the foundation may be impacted by natural disasters like earthquakes. In the end, this can also result in joint and wall cracking.

Masonry Discoloration

While it might not directly impact a building’s structural soundness, many homeowners view this as a major issue. The fact that masonry projects significantly increase the value of people’s homes is typically one of the main reasons why people appreciate them. They can also significantly improve curb appeal. Yet, stonework that has seen extreme deterioration may be ugly and lose some curb appeal.

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